Thankful/Unthankful 3

Thankful: Greed. Because greed makes people stupid and I have seen aplenty of stupid from advertisements yesterday for – almost universally – stercus I have no desire to own or purchase. Nor can I envision anyone I want to know who would. Unless they suffer a fire and lose everything and need to restock.

Unthankful: Greed. Because greed also makes people arrogant and annoying and I have seen aplenty of this with advertisements yesterday from a stercus-load of vendors. Just deleting the emails is a bit of a rectal pain. 

I have to admit I did purchase something yesterday: some Castile soap, which is about as far as you can get from “high tech” and electronics these days. Which is also humorous because soap operates electronically, that is, chemically. And performs a much more satisfying function than most of those supposedly performed by inept, crippled by design slablets.