Massacre of Knowledge

Colding. First freeze – maybe – of the season. The weather beavers were all over the map last evening. Among three television groups and the National Weather Service the forecast low ranged from 23 degF to 29 degF. One of the local weather stations in Greater Metropolitan Arab said 29 degF this morning but my personal observations at Castellum SCP have not gotten below 31 degF. 

I do so dislike winter. Especially the matter of whether to drip pipes or not. And, of course, all the Repulsian climate change denialists, which is essentially an enormous redundancy.

The gym was a meat locker this morning. Evidently they are making up for the extreme air conditioning this summer by not turning on the heating. The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, the second part of their series on “Science under Siege.” This one started out quite effectively describing the incompetents appointed by government to dismember the country’s national laboratories but went far astray maundering about the Cambridge Breakfast Club and the segregation of scientists from society.

Stercus Tauri. Scientists are no more segregated from society than are any of the other professionals. But what does set them apart is that they don’t earn their keep in a way that doesn’t offend the ignorant and under-educated, which is the majority, of course.

Physicians and Justicers earn their keep in a direct fashion. Scientists are dependent on gifting. Usually from government. Which offends all the people who think it a waste of their taxes. Whether Repulsians or Democruds, this is wrong. Taxes are supposed to be spent on either defense and large corporations, or the poor and downtrodden. But not on anything that makes humanity more knowledgeable, not on anything that makes us more survivable. 

So Science has to be bad and evil and needs to be done away with before it damages the ignorance of the general populace.

Another rason I am glad to be ORF.