Rectal Bogs and Geeks

One of the unjoys of being Physicist – probably Nerd – is dealing with the inaccuracies of Bogs and even Geeks. For example, before I had cataract surgery this summer, the cutter told me I could not “lift” more than 20 pounds.

So I asked “So I have to stay in bed?”

This was greeted by a nasty negative. And “Why do you think that?”

“Because I weigh more than twenty pounds and I have to lift my body weight to stand up.”

The conversation started to go downhill so I asked “You do realize this is damaging your trustworthiness, don’t you?” At which point the negativity intensified.

Luckily the “assistant” (keeper?) intervened and the ruffled plumage of both professionals could be soothed. And the surgery went well but the dismissal was well appreciated.

It gets rather scary when some people stop thinking and just devolve into Bogsense.

Do I need to define that new term?