Science Starvation

One Day. Back to gym after a week’s absence fretting over petrol shortage and FD SCP. Mostly the latter, which did not get on her nerves like the former. I have to keep reminding myself this is the same woman who, early in our union, greeted me one Six Day morning when I returned from breakfast with colleagues that the refrigerator had failed and what were we to do?

The podcast this morning was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” entitled “Science Under Siege.” [Link] It was not particularly effective since halfway through it veered off into a rationalization of the value of science to society. Since I have already been concerned about the politician’s war on science, this was rather a waste but the difference of viewpoint sparked some cogitation.

Democracy -> Intellectual Rationality -> Faith Denial -> Failure of Democracy

Democracy can only continue so long as its members will adapt to each other and construct negotiated solutions.

Governments have two choices: adapt or invest in overwhelming military infrastructure that become the government.

The Battle of Ignorance versus Knowledge is over; the Battle of Ignorance versus Ignorance has just begun. (With apologies to Tolkien.) 

Religion needs Tyranny and Ignorance to survive.

Hopefully things will look better once I have broken my fast.

Star Trek is far away; Star Wars is upon us.