Browser Trimming Diversion

Seven Day. Time to clear tabs. With perhaps a bit of murmur-age. And coping with the Katherine natter of in-line spell checking. Especially on college level words. What grade level do spell checkers operate at? Three? Eight? One? And dictionaries seem almost as bad. I find myself more and more giving up on the desktop unabridged and going directly to the OED. And that only for English. 

Anyway, ran across an article [Link] that Android phones now occupy 0.875 of the population of cellular telephones. Perhaps it’s “smart” cellular telephones? Not that I like that term because they aren’t smart. They’re just appliances that can be programmed ala digital computers. But then most of their users aren’t smart either. At least not in the sense of being rational and wily and all that. I don’t feel smart when I use my cellular telephone. I feel frustrated because I can’t be smart with it. It’s a lumpen oven equivalent. Not like my computers. And yes, I do use canned software most of the time but I also write some code and do my own thing. 

Anyway. as I recall, this density is sufficient to qualify as a Lanchestrian monopoly. Control of the marketplace. Supposedly. And while getting rid of Fruit is not a negative aspect to me, I have my doubts in these turbulent times. After all, MegaHard Explorer used to have a Lanchestrian monopoly of browsers. And the only people who use MegaHard browsers these days are definitely polar opposites of smart. In several senses. 

On the bemusing side, I noticed an article [Link] that European food stores do not refrigerate their eggs. Seems that unlike the Yankee republic they don’t scrub their eggs and thus don;t need to refrigerate them to prevent Salmonella. Not a big to me since I purchase unfertilized dinosaur reproduction in cartons, but it strikes me as rather a fetching idea. So obviously, alien to the mind of politicians but not necessarily bureaucrats.

On the possibly negative side, an article [Link] that claims we humans are gradually losing the DNA we got from Neandertals. Does this mean that we will be less competent in future? Does this explain why our society and civilization is deteriorating? Why we are becoming so much more disgusting? The World Wonders.

Surprisingly dull set, eh what? Must be that everyone else is still in shock and denial over the future. 

Maybe it’s time to pull the covers up and hide from the dust bunny monsters?