More Brisket

Back to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill yesterday. Follow-on for FD SCP at the eye cutters. Decidedly strange. Not for the medicalist stuff. That was within a couple of sigma of modal. It was the waiting room crowd. I ended up having to give a mini-lecture on eyedrop physics. At least the getting out of bottle and into eye part. 

I now understand why Bogs are so susceptible to religion. I explained a bit of basic physics and got looked at as if I was the (actual) messiah. You know, the guy who is supposed to free the country from the rule of tyranny? All because I got into stuff like gravity (Newtonian) and surface tension (basic semi-classical quantum mechanics) and did a bit of number stuff. And then I got the take-me-to-the-slaughterhouse looks. 
Well, sorta.
I keep losing that there are almost 300 megapeople in the Yankee republic with about a half megapeople of physicians and maybe fifty kilopeople of physicists. Don’t know what the population of religion demogogues is but probably larger than the number of physicians.
Anyway, the fraction of people anywhere on the planet in touch with actual physical reality is SMALL. Not as SMALL as honest politicians but still SMALL. It just happens that Shining City on the Hill is one of the few places where physicists outnumber physicians.
But not politicians. Or Bogs. 
Anyway, FD SCP got permission to keep seeing. At least until Thorsday.