Darkness Falls

One Day. Back to gym. Very sparse. The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about T. E. Lawrence.  The theme of the ‘cast was that Lawrence was doomed to failure by the Old Guard. And having success evaporated retreated into denial and dejection.

Can’t blame him for that. My efforts have often been spoilt by overbearing organizational superiors.

One of my favorite books  is a novel by Lester Sprague DeCamp entitled “Lest Darkness Fall”. The protagonist is an 1930’s archaeologist transported in time – no rational presented – to early christianist Rome where he struggles to survive and prevent the Dark Ages – the Fall of Darkness.

In the end he is only semi-successful, whelmed by the forces of society that undercut individuality. 

So I turned my cognition to the present day. And I realized that the Darkness has already begun to descend. The current POTUS campaign is symptomatic. Civility and manners are antiquated and deprecated. Rudeness and Anger and Arrogance are the new morality.

We have, in essence, grown our own Barbarians.They didn’t creep in from the hinterland, in the global society that we Amerikans deny – our new National characteristic – Barbarians have to be homegrown and we have been remarkably successful. Almost every pickup truck has one for a driver. 

One of the causes of Roman collapse was the Latifunda, the factory farms, staffed by slaves instead of tenants or small holders. One of the causes of modern Amerikan Darkness is Capitalism and its Corporate manifestation – unbridled economy of scale driven by the unimetric of cash. Gone is any consideration of workers or customers. When you control the jobs and the products you have a tighter rein on society than any Commissar in the Soviet Bloc. And once implemented the only hard stop is when the workers have all starved to death. 

Capitalism had been killing the Golden Goose. 

And the fall is nigh, I fear. There are too many indications, behaviors, conditions, sicknesses. This is not just a reversion to Third World state but a collapse into darkness.

So I’m glad I’m ORF.