Reverse Effect

I have already had a blot about how the Realtor advertisements have the opposite effect of they are intended of, namely that they come across as an advertisement for “The Onion Router” and not prevaricating fraudists misselling crappy houses.

Now the attention is on FaceScroll. I ran across this article [Link] entitled “Facebook’s Targeted Ads Could Be Used To Exclude Certain Races.” The article goes on to rant about the fallacious nonsense that is the idea of racism. That’s all right. It’s basically a almost all BOG site anyway but it does give some useful insight into the minds of contemporary BOGs.

But in this case I had to marvel at the good fortune of those humans who were so excluded. My response to almost all of the advertisements on the FaceScroll is intense nausea. Usually I can control it but sometimes I have to stop and steam clean my keyboard. 

Needless to say that I almost never buy anything advertised by FaceScroll. In fact, in most instances, I avoid that brand completely. So the advertisement has a negative effect.

It alienates me.

Which is hardly the intent of the minions of FaceScroll and its greedy paying customers.

But it is the effect. 

Generally I leave the advertisements alone. I only block them f they are morally or ethically offensive.

But I wonder if I can induce FaceScroll to pay for a new keyboard?