Dried Mudville

Five day. Last day of gym. Bit of a departure this morning. The shift to five days/week has resulted in a bit of difficulty finding something to listen to on Five day. So this morning I listened to an episode of “Infinite Monkey Cage” which is sort of a whacked panel discussion about some aspect of science.

This morning’s episode was a special edition from New Yawk. The only person on the panel that I recognized (by name) was Bill Nye who I am usually disappointed in. He ain’t no George Tofffel. Much too Geeky. But he did better this morning. Almost acceptable. Except for his inimitable nattering to excess. But that was OK because others on the panel nattered more. 

But the mumblage put me to considering other things. 

Despite all this mumblage from disreputable celebrities I am convinced that humanity – and probably all life on Tellus – is doomed. Except maybe the life in the undersea volcanic vents. Where humans can’t vertically copulate its existence.  Doing anything about climate change is fruitless and impossible given the political climate so let’s just settle down to an “On The Beach” scenario and take our “Black Pill”. 

Which is probably a better idea given the current election for POTUS. It struck me that none of the candidates is going to improve things and we are going to wind up with the worst administration since Ulysses Simpson Grant.

Otherwise it will likely be a beautiful day.

Water rationing any day now. Firing parties for watering lawns or having swimming pools. To be televised on local access. Thirst and dehydration make for lousy dying.