Foot Shoot

Some people do it deliberately, usually in a desperate attempt to go from the front lines to the firing party. But others do it because they are Darwinism waiting to happen.

That was this week. The DNS attack. Hosted by the Internet-Of-Things (IOT.)

A devastating new means of bringing down the internet that was made possible by all those people who were too lazy to do things for themselves. 

No, I don’t want to make coffee. But I will put in the grounds, probably grinding them from bean because that’s the type of folks who do IOT, and the water but stopped short of pushing the START button. 

That got left to a vulnerable, overly complicated switch that interacts with the Internet.

And thereby got scarfed up as a weapon of terror.

And that person has to live with their guilt. At least they do if they’re actually intelligent, which is somewhat questionable. 

The same folks who get foot shot for lack of smarts.

By themselves, of course. 

So we now have a new name for these people: Tool-Of-Evil. 

Wear it proudly.