Pond Politics

As I sat in the car park next my gym out in sprawling Scant City awaiting the arrival of the gym clerk who opens, I had scant distraction other than reading the electronic billboard at the pharmacy next the gym. One of the ePages it displayed claimed that this pharmacy, a particular disreputable one frequently associated with the illegal sale of controlled substance, had “the shortest wait time around.”

I reflected on how almost all pharmacies in the area make this claim. And clearly it is rubbish. There has been no testing, no analysis, no validation nor verification, only blatant propaganda.

Then I considered the nature of the current campaign for POTUS. I discount the two candidates playing Shakespearean character hiding behind drapery, waiting to be run through by some courtier. But of the two projected by the ruling parties, our own versions of Communism in action, both are running the same kind of campaigns as the pharmacies.

Lots of claims, mostly rubbish. No actual data other than hearsay and fiction. And no analysis. Only “I will be the best POTUS and that other fellow will be the worse.”

And the choices are poor: between a necrophiliac – not in the usual sense of sexual congress with the dead but reversed, a dead person still walking and dreaming of congress – and a weird sister. Shakespeare couldn’t have do this person (?) justice and he did better than most. But still someone who has retailed their soul. Assuming there was one to begin with?

Now that I’ve insulted the faithful, pray return to your asentient existence. Your search for better will fail because neither is what you dream.