Electric Cost

I have commented previously of my high opinion of Samsung. But I had to re-examine it this week after finding an article [Link] entitled “The Best Smartphones To Replace The Note 7.” I have to acknowledge this is a HuffPo article and thereby inherently vacuous. But what it did was make me consider my thoughts on the cost of cellular telephone.

Every alternative they offer to the Note 7 is at least $500 and most are $800 +/- 50. Instant sticker shock. And then cognition.

I used to use a Motorola Droid RAZR. I got it back when purchase was not possible so it’s hard to get at its price but it has to be at least the minimum of those in the article.

And it was a Fragmentum Sterci.(Piece of S**t for those who aren’t educated classically) Got a good cellular telephone. Which I bought. Paid $200 for it. An ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser. 

A minimum of 10dB better than the Droid. And I don’t have so much money in it that I will worry much about replacing in in a couple of years when the security updates quit.

Because the cellular telephone marketplace is controlled by Conlegei Sterci. (Corporations of S**t for those above mentioned readers.)

So I am now considering rooting and changing to something that does update. 

But not at Brain-dead EXTRO prices.