50: Declined!

Last week was the fiftieth reunion of my high schule year group. We – FD SCP and I – didn’t go.

Let me say that we had good intentions. Her year group was planning on having a fiftieth which would also be their first. But her class was only twenty-five initially and about half that now, which indicates why Alibam is number two in abysmalness of health care and Mi(ssi)^nppi is number one. 

I/we have been to several of my reunions. Initially, just myself since we hadn’t mt. This was in the early years. Every five years. I attended the first three and found them all abysmal. So I quit going.

FD SCP and I went to one about fifteen years ago. We stayed a half-hour. Horrible noise as an excuse for music and inedible food. Since we had paid for a room at the night we retired to the hotel restaurant, which was deserted except for staff, and enjoyed a quiet, edible meal before retiring and running away expeditiously the next morning. 

So no positive experiences. Including seeing old classmates.

But this was different somehow. Not sure just how but decided needed to go.

But on the day I began to reflect on my experiences in high schule. The bullying and harassment by the jocks and bouncers (cheer leaders.) And especially the coaches. The information deprivation and the regimentation – NO! You MUST stay ignorant! – that was only depressing and dismal until I got to college and found out its existence. 

And the people. Yes, a few I sorta wanted to see but why? Yes, there were a couple who were good friends but friendship decays with distance. And the teachers? Most dead and the others I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell they failed. The good ones had moved on in the main and the well meaning ones didn’t deserve the disillusionment.

And FD SCP doesn’t like crowds she doesn’t know.

So we caved. And now it’s out of my system.