Food Evil

Whew. Days are strange. Have to wear sweater in morning and then shuck when the air temperature heads back up into the ’90’s. Ah!, the JOYS of GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!

Spent much of yesterday in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. After her visit with the Oculus Quackus had to brave Manhattan level lunch time traffic while exploring. If it hadn’t been so stressful I might of died from boredom.

After ran across an article [Link] entitled “Kids Joining ‘School Lunch Advisory Councils’ to Deal With Michelle Obama’s Rules” about how the Administration is enlisting schule kids to police their companions’ eating.

Lunch Nazis. Or worse, reminds me of the Self-Criticism Committees the Russian and Chinese Communists were so fond of. Home grown committees of zealots who called their neighbors in to confess to their sins. And be chastised and harassed and even punished. Some got sent to concentration camps.

Evil. Tyranny. Amerika.

It occurred that they will populate these councils with the popular, cool kids to “self-criticize” the unpopular, uncool, ordinary kids just for being unpopular, uncool, and ordinary. Kids who need some comfort food. Need some psychologal comfort period. 

One more evil of organization.

Enough to really smoke my ire.

And probably slanted against the INTROs as well. More EXTRO harassment and beatings condoned by the schule instrumentality. Let’s kill the INTROs because NO ONE CARES!

Let’s make Auschwitz out of every public schule!

I know the waste is up with the new dietary rules. Understandable. And not the right way to induce the kids to eat right. They eat like they do at home. Any major deviation is not gonna work

What I would like to see is the stats before and after on kids bringing lunch. That was how we responded to disliked cafeteria practices. 

Another reason I am glad I am ORF. Bad enough with the Medical Nazis without dedicated food Nazis.