Duhhh Best

Four Day. The petrol pipeline is supposedly, temporarily repaired/restored and the petrol situation should return to “normal” (a misuse of the term,) in a few days. So maybe by next week I can return to gym. 

This incident has reimpressed me with how corporations can vertically copulate people’s lives. They need to be controlled. 

But on the bright side I notice [Link] that Alibam is the 44th most educated state in the Yankee republic. 

That’s equivalent to saying it is the 7th worst educated state. And if you subtract out Madison County I’d suspect it rises to first or second worse.

So for once, Alibam isn’t automatically the worst at something. Other than Amerikan soccer.

Alibam politicians and capitalists like Alibam being uneducated. Makes for a more docile class of work serfs. Makes them more amenable to believing that things like unions and health care are BAD.

On the other hand, it is a bit nice to know I’m in the top few percentum of educational attainment. Which don’t mean much but every living creature has to have something satisfying about itself to keep living.

Besides, I’m too old to move. To sat nothing of convincing FD SCP. Maybe after the elections?