Boggy Ground

Six Day. The beginning of another nasty period. Petrol pipeline ruptured and now we are in a petrol crunch until repaired and resupplied.

On that dismal azimuth, I see numerous article [Link] on how to roll back iOS10 to iOS9. Seems Apple has pulled a MegaHard. Another thing to make me glad I use Linux.

I have to compare this to the motorcar situation. Back when I finished undergraduate university, everyone – almost – drove Detroit motorcars aside from a few commuters who had opted for Beetles and the like. By the time I had been in graduate university for a couple of years the exodus to furrin motorcars was in full fervor. Now we have a new marketplace (compared to then) based on another fairly static situation. 

But the thing that tickles my brain is the diversity. And within that diversity, all the motorcars look alike. As one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, puts it, “All crossovers look like dead garden gnomes.”

So when does the Detroit of OS fall apart?