Waiting for Pony 2

Today is Labor Day, which is one of the greatest prevarications of Amerika.

When may we expect a government that actually supports the electorate instead of taking their taxes and giving them away to Fascist Capitalists?

Not any time soon, that seems certain. Regardless of the outcome of the POTUS elections it seems certain that the new administration will be just as solidly in that mold of giving tax monies to Corporatists as before.

And Probably worse!

WHich brings to less immediate things. I was reading TIME magazine this weekend. Yes, I know, but I prefer the feel of paper, even slicky paper, to slablet.

Anyway, the cerebrumless pundit on the aft page was espousing denying the franchise to ORF. Good idea. And while we’re at it, let’s deny it to journalists as suspicious and rabble rousing, to politicians as having nothing to contribute, and everyone for being wayward.

Some days Athenian democracy actually looks good. Especially the part about feeding Hemlock to politicians?

And this editor is really dying. No font control and the spell check is abysmal.