Waiting for Pony 1

Every so often I get moved to try something new. This is one such, yet another blog editor. This one is built by the WordPress folks so I probably need to be pseudo-polite about what I say about.

Thus far, three sentences in, it’s almost passible.

Blog editors have rotted in recent years. Seems like once the golden (?) day of blogging passed, support for decent blog editors did too. So I have been stuck for several years with ScribeFire as the best among mediocre.

Rather like Amerikan candidates for public office?

ANyway, I decided at luncheon to turn the model around a bit and start a new series of blots about things I am waiting on. To use or adopt or whatnot.

I used to have a good book on adoption of technology. But I’ve misplaced it so no citation. Let me just say that I am a mixed adopter. For some things I am an early adopter; for others a late. And what the spectrums of those two things are has changed over the years. Especially now that I am ORF.

Not more or less conservative. Both. The spectrums have changed, but not really shifted.

The subject today is EMOJI. And that is reflected in the title. I am waiting for some evidence of the presence of pony so the pony:poo ratio is significantly bigger than zero.

I have to admit to still being in the befuddlement stage. Every time I get exposed to EMOJI, my thoughts go immediately to Suggs and what he had to say about Pictography.

I have been waiting for someone to show be how the picts should be used and what meaning they have. What’s their syntax?


So when will I adopt the things? Null question. At this point they are not only orthogonal to my thought processes, they are in another universe.

So someone who can actually communicate get their derrierre in motion and produce the necessary foundational material for learning.

And I won’t blame it on being INTRO.