Nerd Discondensation

Six Day. In a vertically copulated week. Because One Day next is a holy day. A rather contrived fake holy day. But nonetheless observed by the downtrodden peasants and their occasionally fearful masters.

I suppose I always thought that “Labor Day” should be more like Boxing Day. A bit of turn about. Not a pretend thing.

So with a still too long week out stretching before me, I find myself wanting to clear out some old tabs. And I start here. With a couple of cartoons from last month. First, [Link

I am not sure that this is a law of physics but it seems to be a law of society. (I’ll come back to that in a bit more depth sometime.) For some reason, understanding – or working at doing so – reality is not biologically nor socially attractive. SO those of us who strive to do so are avoided by fame, fortune, and reproduction.

I suspect I understand it socially. After all, humanity has gotten where it is largely by ignoring reality. Otherwise, how could you explain religion and politics? But biologically? I have to wonder what about physicing is viewed as counter-survival. Outside of a social context, of course.

Second, [Link]

this one may give some indication of that. Could it be that the mental processes of the two genders (?) of humanity are so different that those who think about reality……? 

I suppose I should apologize to my colleagues who are feminists. Even if they are gradually admitting that there are physical and mental differences between the genders.

But I suspect one aspect of this is that the male gender instances never – almost – ask their opposites what is on their mind. COuld this all have to do with fundamentally different concepts of honesty?

In the meantime, I need return to that social reality for a bit to complete physiological maintenance.