Freshman Weight Amassing

Four Day. End of gym week. Which has been unusual for the quota of Linux podcasts. Finished up that episode of “Linux Luddites” from last week on Woden’s Day and heard an Ubuntu podcast episode this morning. So all sort of thoughts about Linux but none mature enough for a blot. Film Whenever.

But I did run across as article [Link] entitled “Five Tips for Avoiding the “Freshman 15″” the other day and since this is off-to-college time and I have to mumble whenever that occurs, here’s one.

The tips are:

  1. Avoid snacking during class: 
  2. Skip the sugary energy drinks: 
  3. Use smaller plates in the cafeteria: 
  4. Make time for exercise: 
  5. Limit alcohol consumption: 

The article adds some dialog to this but if you want to read go visit the original. I cite and quote but try to stop properly short of plagiarism. And as claimed, I have to add my comments and memories. So here they are:

Avoid snacking during class: Snacking during class? Do you want to get kicked out? Absolutely no drinking nor eating in class. Double that for labs. I recall one guy, who like me didn’t get lunch because of a 1100-1200 class and a 1200-1500 lab came in munching a candy bar – this was before energy bars or even granola. If he had finished it in the hall he would have been fine but he walked into lab eating it and instantly got banned from the building. He ended up having to change majors, got drafted, and generally had a sad fate.

Skip the sugary energy drinks: The only sugary drinks in those days were everything: soda, lemonade, tea. Even coffee usually. But they weren’t billed as energy drinks. And while I knew people who drank soda, I didn’t. Well, maybe once or twice a term. To be sociable. Tea was another matter though. 

Use smaller plates in the cafeteria: Plates? College cafeterias were just that in my day. No salad bars. Lines. Pastel green plastic trays instead of plates. And the green hue made all the food look a bit nauseating. And the selection was limited to A or B and only if you were early on and all of the good choice had been gotten. More Later.

Make time for exercise: Exercise? Who had time? Oh yeah, the jocks and the goof-offs and a few smart guys but for me it was grind, grind, grind. My exercise was getting between classes. And scurrying in labs. I recall second semester fresham year I had labs every afternoon but Friday. And on Saturday you trudged to town to get necessities not sold in the supe store.

Limit alcohol consumption: Ethanol? Some in chemistry lab but it was denatured with methanol so if you drank it you went to hospital. And then Vietnam. To get drinking ethanol you had to know someone of age and a motorcar. I didn’t. So my celebrations we sweet tea or the occasional soda.

Now let’s grind on the Freshman Fifteen which is the weight – pounds are a measure of force – that a lot of Freshmen gain these days from being too sedentary and dissolute and overeating. My Freshman weight gain was a negative 28 pounds. Yep. Went home end of spring term 28 pounds lighter than when I entered the previous August. Too many classes back-to-back across lunch time. Miss lunch more days than you don’t and too many suppers with yuck cafeteria swill and racewalking from the liberal arts side of campus to the NERD side and you’ll drop enough weight to look a bit like a cancer or concentration survivor. The bad part is the panicked parents when they pick you up – no car, remember – and freak out that you’re discorporating of some horrible disease.