Freedom and Stupidity

There has been a bit of a row this week about some professional athlete who declined to rise for the national anthem. It seems that he is not a furrin national but is protesting some inequity having to do with the flag?

The furor has been diverse. Some of the media applauds his support of some idea of equity, perhaps even tolerance. Another part of the media is intolerant of his behavior and apparently wants to punish him nastily. The populace is similarly divided with the added factor of being distraught at some or all of the media, quite ignoring that the media is always motivated by money.

This led me to the matter of freedom and thence to democracy. Democracy, of course, like all organizations, including governments, is opposed to freedom. And unlike other forms of government, at least in degree, democracy is self-consuming. The path of democracy is one of preventing the majority from destroying the minority. This obviously has great implications not only for this incident but for the Yankee republic in general as we pursue our death throes as a nation.

I see no reason to restrict freedom except when its practice injures someone else. That’s a nice statement that is almost impossible to implement above the personal conscience level. The problem is what constitutes injury. In this instance, we have to ask how remaining seated during a musical performance harms anyone else. 

Obviously, all those who protest the act consider themselves injured. So we come down to a matter of measurement. Which organizations are amazing incapable of. Almost all organizational measurement is the lowest of hanging fruit. Difficulty is only executed if survival is blatant. IOW, the teeth of the lion are enumerated only as the jaws close.

There is also the question of help and harm. The act was supposedly motivated to help the minority. So how do we measure the relative merits. How many lollipops distributed to poor children justify one execution?

And why is life imprisonment more acceptable than execution?

And I shan’t even touch the nonsense of celebrities. 

Humans deserve their self-created Hells.