Logics of Sundae

For once – things have been hectic lately – cycling through the cartoon folder. Ran across [Link]

which has an intriguing logic degeneracy. Not that I can fault the cartoonist for building it so. This one isn’t in keeping with the tenor of the strip.

The logic leads equally well to being a Deist.

 But the really gathering one [Link] is

which took me back to my own days of being drug off to a department store (yes that was a LONG time ago) and later a young men’s store for schule attire.

The azimuth of the distress was different but the effect was similar. I hated (!!!!!) this activity. I might have hidden from it entirely except for two factors. First, as much as I didn’t have any “fashion” sense, I didn;t trust my mother not to dress me like someone who would get walloped every day at recess. And second, more importantly, the trauma was so great that it actually made going back to schule less painful. 

Which is saying something for in INTRO.