Finger in the Dyke

Six Day. Muggish. The only striking thoughts while walking were avoiding inundation from clumsy water wasters. And then I ran across an article [Link] entitled “University of Chicago Strikes Back Against Campus Political Correctness” and the thoughts started streaming.

The basic idea here is that U Chicago is reaffirming that what universities are about – even in Amerika! – is education and that does not mean censorship of ideas.

Political Correctness. Social Correctness. Racism. Racial Cleansing. ….. Liberal colleges running off conservative professors. Religionist academies crucifying Liberals.

Everything but education. Now if they’ll do something about the factory system?

I attribute a lot of this to parenting. Too much oversight. Helicoptering. But what amazes is that it seems to have taken.

When I was a bairn I was allowed to read (almost) anything in the house. But I wasn’t allowed to ask questions about. The least hint of “Why do you do that?” and I was whisked off by my father behind the shed for a session of grab-your-ankles with one of his belts. And a couple of days of painful sitting in schule – uncushioned desks. 

Most of the parents of my generation seem to have been worse. And where I grew into someone who questioned almost everything – once I thought to question it – the modern young don’t seem inclined to question anything. Especially themselves.

So they want college to be a period when they get their money-making tickets punched and never get exposed to any real information or ask any real questions.

And too many of the colleges like that because it makes their profits greater.

Which is one of the several reasons we have become a third world nation.

Just look at the POTUS candidates. Makes it clear that not only were we never great, we are pretty depraved and parochially bankrupt.

This is no longer a nation-state. It’s a State of Denial. The United States of Denial.

And Ignorance.

And I am glad I am ORF. For obvious reasons.