Podcast Poo

One day. Back to gym. A bit atypical. I listened to the last half of “Linux Luddites” episode # 82 [Link] instead of an episode of “Best of Ideas”. I rationalize this based on the absurd Canadian imitation of British holiday durations. 

Anyway, one of the speakers made the announcement that he sometimes did not use a box on a given day because he could do what was needed on his cellular telephone.

I mentally upchucked at that point.

The model of the cellular telephone is the Star Trek communicator, not the Mote In God’s Eye handputer. 

Handputers do not work. I know. I have owned a couple going back to the late ’70’s. They are nice toys with limited, but more than a calculator, functionality. But they aren’t boxes.

Nor is a slablet. In fact, it’s a mediocre communicator.

If I think what I do on both box and slablet, it comes down to email. And none of the email apps available – that I have tried – are more than 10 dB less than Thunderbird. I can maybe read email on my slablet. In practice, what I can do is ‘hawg’ the inbox so that when I get back to the box I don’t have to get rid of the trash as much. 

But that’s about it. I can’t do spreadsheets or write code or compose articles or any of the other things I do on a box. Because the screen is too small, the I/O is too poor, and keying is one atom up from impossible. And it’s slow. Horribly slow. And no floating point math processor. And I can’t imagine trying to graph stuff on the slablet. Heck, it will barely work as a conventional phone.

So please quit telling me that I can do box work with a slablet. It’s a social lie. Quit or I shall dose your coffee with Phenolthalein. And be done with you for a while. Not that I expect you are capable of learning. From the experience or otherwise.