Diversity Dictatorship

I do not like diversity programs. I do like diversity. But almost always programs do not accomplish their desired end and cause more damage than construction. It’s the same as organized religion. No evil is too large to not be perpetrated in the name of good.

I get hit frequently with some pronouncement that some aspect of my existence and environment is not diverse. First of all, it isn’t supposed to be more than a certain amount diverse. I am not going to try to breathe vacuum, for instance. 

But I am continually told that there are not enough women, religionist, political, ethnic nerds in the group. The unsupported and unanalyzed assumption is that the demographics of the group should be a perfect replication of the demographics of the national or planetary population of homo sapiens.

I much preferred the ‘system’ when I was a young nerd, starting back when I began undergraduate schule. That was based almost entirely on individuality. An aspirant to inner nerdery failed or succeeded purely on their own abilities. There were prejudices, yes, but such can only be negated if recognized, not by some organized program. And yes the demographics were rather local and heavily slanted to nerds but since when do we want to waste STEM resources on Bogs?

Yes, there were some older members of the group, senior faculty primarily, who harbored deep views about women and other characteristics that they considered, from long experience, to be compromising. And yes, they did act prematurely on their prejudices sometimes but that was inherent in homo sapiens, something that was not fixable by fiat of organization. 

That’s part of modern denial. The denial that organization can do anything and we should quietly comply while society is destroyed.

But that’s another thing that people adopt when they get old: seeing the end of civilization and the species in the actions of the young.

But I did like things better when we were successful or failures on our own abilities and not the machinations of organization.