Schule Renewal

Survived another medicalist excursion to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Get a couple months off now unless some component fails. The joys of reliability methodology applied to oneself!

It is also time for the return to schule. The wee bairns have mostly returned and the college debtors are in process. I have been enjoying raiding the Back-To-Schule offerings that are only available this time of year and are useful to my activities. So I have noticed that there is a marked increase in how-to-ace-courses books for wee bairns. This has prompted me to offer some advice.

Why Science courses in public schule are so difficult:

The people teaching are incompetent. If it’s not a high schule, all the education the teacher has is what they had to take, maybe two college courses probably NOT in what they are teaching, and that is likely outdated and they have forgotten most of it. Also, a trade-off between experience in teaching and degree of remembering what they learned. Moral: go for middle aged teachers who have high integrity. Warning: such are VERY RARE because if they had integrity…

The textbooks are inaccurate propaganda. The further south you live, the more so this is. Science textbooks in public schules are mostly about religionist and political denial and propaganda.

They only want you to learn things testable using multiple-guess tests. That’s how the teachers keep their jobs.

Because the whole environment is incompetent and toxic, you won’t learn much but that’s all right since what they offer has the same relationship to science that rust has to coinage. The bad thing is you’ll decide science is too hard for you and give up which will curse you to being a Bog until you discorporate.

My colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, sent me a link [Link] to this graphic

which illustrates a rational fundraising method. Schules are big on fundraising because they are black holes for money. Every year they get more and more from the government and every year what they do decreases. Actual education ceased sometime after the Second Great War. So everything that has some appeal to students and/or parents has a fund raiser. The problem is that it is dependent on the parents doing more unpaid work than they bring in money, it makes the students cynical, and the people who don;t have children in schule ignore the whole enterprise.

The latter is the real limitation. I don’t have a child in schule here so I WILL NOT buy whatever unhealthy trash you are selling.

And if I did, I sure wouldn’t give you that magnitude of money. A child’s tee shirt that costs more than $10 Yankee is a non-starter. So go parasite on other people who still place some trust in the public schule system.