Stercus for OS

Winders has really become a crappy OS.

Last week I ordered a refurbed Lenovo lapbox off Woot. Came with WX. Specs far in excess of price, as expected with refurb.

Got into the box yesterday. Wasted two hours trying to get WX to set itself up and then convince it that it would let be get to the “BIOS”.

Finally rebooted and noticed a brief message. Rebooted again with ESC key downheld and was rewarded with access to “BIOS”. A bit of recon revealed Lenovo had already enable the box for dual boot.

I suddenly identified with how Nailand Smith must have felt admiring the devious Oriental mind of Fu Manchu. 

Spent ten minutes yanking out the WX HD and replacing with a shiny new SSHD I had bought on sale. Meanwhile putting ISO on stick. Then fifteen minutes from inserting stick, downpushing power button, and doing one time Boot order change to finished install of SolydK on the box.

And then an hour doing updates for the period since the ISO was made. But that’s not a downer. 

Timed the second reboot. Seventeen seconds. 

Winders has really become a crappy OS.