Riolympics 2

While I’m railing at the stupidity of things, let us once more consider the Olympics.

I see [Link] has decreed that spectators may not make photographs of the events nor transmit them over social media.

Stupidity in Action!

The same photons are involved whether the spectators see the events or take photographs of them. And the Olympic autarchs have NO control over those photons. At least not in this regard. Yes, they may deny the photons to the spectators by excluding the spectators or extinguishing all initial illumination, but they cannot, once unleashing the photons, do very much to control them.

So saying how the photons have to be used is something of both idiocy and tyranny.

I personally am uninterested – zero – in the Olympics. But I do have a strong interest in eradicating, or, at least, punishing stupidity. And this is stupidity of the most blatant form.

I shan’t even comment on the transmission aspect. That one will be ignored resoundingly.

Apparently a requirement to be an Olympic official is that one’s alimentary canal run to the cranium.