Just Punishment

Six Day. The weather beavers foretell downfall of dihydrogen oxide today. But I ventured to the park this morning for constitutional. Disappointing again. No great thoughts forthcoming. SO I have to muse on other matters.

I read in an email that the head of public defenders in Missouri has exercised his responsibilities under state law to appoint members of the bar to pro-bono cases when the funding runs out. Which it has courtesy of the Missouri government. Sounds like a typical repulsian administration. But what is uproarious is that he has assigned the governor to a case.

This raises the question of whether the governor can be removed from office for being disbarred?

This would also not work in Alibam, which has an equally nasty government of citizen need denialists/rich patron profiters, because the govnuh is a dermatologist. Who has not practiced in so long that we probably can’t trust him to apply sunscreen. Which he may need as employment if the rabid racist bigots in the Council of Thieves has its way.

Gad, that one leaves such a bad taste I have to take a rest to gargle with drain cleaner.