Olympic Olfactory

I just received email from a national newspaper. The subject coverage was whether the mess in Brazil had poisoned the well on being host nation for the Olympics.

The question I immediately focused on was “Why would anyone want to host the Olympics?”

I should qualify that I am not a sports person. Yes, in college I was on a Squamish team, a Baggage Smasher as it were. And I played about with fencing and marksmanship and walking but primarily as recreation. I never watched them on television. In the early days of ESPN I watched women’s collegiate field hockey – for the fights – and chess – for the insights I gained from observation, not the narration, but when ESPN dropped both I never went back. 

I did go back to my undergraduate alma mater for one (American) football game but that was to eat a baked Italian ham sandwich.

I have only watched any sporting event on television because FD SCP wants to. Which is less than a hand of phalanges instances.

I especially do not watch the olympics. Even the pentathlon. Not that such are covered much. Too drawn out.

So I am befuddled why any nation wants to host? The cost is enormous and has never been recovered even with the best of planning. The security almost always fails. So why?

It has to be the Bogs?