Friendly Advice

I freely admit that I used to use Winders as my primary OS. I still have to do a bit since FD SCP uses Winders – W7 I believe – and I have a special WXP box that I only run Scientific Word on because the manufacturer lied about having a Linux edition of the new version. So that company fits in well in contemporary corporate Amerika.

But after I retired – sorta – from the civil service I tried Linux and have not looked back since. It doesn’t do everything, and much of what it does do requires more knowledge and effort, but it is a much more satisfying OS and its SW is much more productive.

Except, of course, for the lack of a decent LaTeX editor. Lyx tries but fails.

Of course, there are lots of things that I don’t do on my computer. I was reading Lifehacker yesterday and they had published their list of Linux SW, which I avidly read because they – Lifehacker – are a moderately worthwhile journalistic source. And I discovered that about half of what they listed as recommended SW was orthogonal to what I do on a computer.

And, of course, a lot of what I do wasn’t covered by their SW. Like a code editor of ANY form. Or a compiler. Or Symbolic Algebra Engine.

That’s why they are only moderate.

But this morning I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Should you upgrade to Windows 10 for free? Here’s what you should know.” It’s from a news service that isn’t anywhere near moderate but I primarily use it on my cellular phonelet.

From what I have read of WX, the best thing is evidently that it isn’t as bad as W8. It’s never been compared to WFW, WXP, or W2K. Probably for good reason. MegaHard probably bought off the really bad things that can be said.

Despite this, if you are a Bog Winders User, I want to encourage you to embrace the WX. You can switch to Apple if you want. But whatever you do, don’t try Linux.

It’s a good system but we don’t want it ruined any more than the Canonical people already have dumbing it down for Bogs.

It’s also OK for you Bogs to give up on computers entirely and live with slablets.

But don’t try Linux. It will give you mind cooties.