Failure of Governance

Six day. Warmerness is foretold by the weather beavers. And the fall of dihydrogen oxide. But I was able to sally forth this morning for a bit of walk.

Of late my arising has been too early to permit my use of the park, so I have made do with the streets. A less than pleasing alternative, I fear. No dogs, but I have been soaked by several water wasters inundating their lawns and – mostly – the street. I am considering publishing pictures of the houses of these evil people who waste good potable water during a drought. Obviously staunch Repulsians.

I was reflecting this morning on the poor situation of Bernie Sanders. He knows, I am sure, he is the better candidate, the better humans, and would have been the better president. But forced to abandon his efforts lest a greater evil occupy the oval office.

The man who should have been President.

Like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

And no, I am not a socialist. But I think he would have accomplished much to help this country, most of his failures precluded by the opposition of the usual suspects of Congress.

Instead, we shall be assured of an evil toady in the President’s Mansion. The only question is which one and what evils will be delt upon the American people?

Weeping is now appropriate for the disaster that our nation has become.