Pretium Sterci

Price of S**t – that’s the title translated for those who may not have Latin as one of their languages. For those who do, my less than sincere apology for the liberties thereof.

Why do I say this? I came across an article [Link] this morning entitled “Reminder: Windows 10 Home Will Cost $119 Starting July 29th.”

I also remember an article I referred to within the last week or so about how WX had proven to be a disaster.

This latter was a validation of my own analysis, hence warming and repellent simultaneously. 

On the other hand, I consider Winders to be a BOG moderator in much the same way that firearms are. The latter, of course, kill, but not very well. What they do well is damage and maim. But they have the sterling quality of keeping Bogs from getting their hands on truly deadly weaponry. 

IOW, a diversion. And, perhaps, a amelioration of various insecurities. 

And given the population demographics, almost certainly more likely to maim and cripple other Bogs than real people.

Winders serves the same function. It keeps Bogs from getting their hands on a real OS.