School Fascism

It is almost time for shul to resession in Greater Metropolitan Arab. The local contractile vacuole, the “Tribune”, which describes itself as a “ledger”, an instrument almost totally unfamiliar to GEN Ys and younger, is full of the administrivia of the resessioning, namely the scheduling of student/parent indoctrination of classroom location and teacher identity, and the pronouncements of the administration on what the students are required and permitted to use.

I have to admit after reading this, I was deeply nauseated by the Fascist tyranny. And glad that I am ORF and do not have to live with their oppression. No wonder the graduates are abysmally ignorant; they are the equivalent of Russian serfs and the teachers are the equivalent of Cossack cavalrymen.

One has to wonder how often ears are removed for trifling individuality?

I, on the other hand, will glory in using the type of notebook I want to use, secure in the personal knowledge that my creativity trumps teachers’ need for laxatives.