Ex Orbis

Still recovering from eye cutting. As seems usual now, the problem of recovery is less about the cutting itself and more about the drugs. The good thing is I evaded the bullet of bladder shutdown but am straining with eye strain and fluid overload. One day last week I counted 26 eyedrops infused. Yuck.

through the ice window of gel eyedrops this morning trying to watch the morning news (such as it is presented) on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. The patter was about the Kellog’s people opening a cafe on Times Square to serve their stercus. I wondered if this was better or worse than MacDougals Sodium Merde but am undecided. 

Anyway, the noise from the news readers and the weather beaver turned to preferences in boxed cereal. I wandered off on the question “what is your favorite cereal?” and considered how to phrase “None. I am a modal human so, as an adult, I do not secrete lactase and hence do not eat milk or milk enabled foods. Like box cereal.”

Then being despirited with their waste of my time I retreated to here.

Computer efforts low because of avoiding eye strain. Selah.