Firearm Fsychology

I had a bit of an insight this morning. It was the kind where you view something in the context of something you already knew.

Many years of studying management and people and being a manager has given me a strong conviction that 0.9 of human behavior can be traced to insecurity. Sort of a management corollary to Sturgeon’s rule. 

Anyway, it occurred to me that perhaps this explains the numbers of people who carry firearms on their persons as a daily routine. 

I thought about the people I know who were not required to carry firearms as part of their employment. And I realized that almost all of these people had deep insecurities that they refused to confront. And this made them naturals to want to carry a pacifier. 

And the few exceptions were people who genuinely had need of a firearm. Of course there were some of the insecure ones who needed to because their personalities and people skills were SO BAD they were virtually assured of being discorporated.