Political Poisoning

One day. Back to gym. Sparse again. Podcast passable, a debate on the merits of Canadian conscription during the Great War. 

Overall, I found the podcast worthwhile for reasons other than those put forward by the debators, both history academics. Seems that conscription was imposed on Canada by politicians for their own purposes of supporting a small subset of the citizenry. Rather like politicians today in Amerika. And thereby just as evil?

The other missing part was the utter revisionism of both debators. Both failed to separate themselves from later events. Yes, conscription made no difference in the war’s outcome but how were the decision makers to know that? Duhhhhhhhhhhh!

Speaking of which, I ran across a blot [Link] on the question of classroom learning and electronics. This is not the first such I have commented on but this one is particularly telling since it details an experiment performed by the Yankee army at Hudson High for Wayward Youth that rather convincingly indicated that electronics and learning are immiscible.

The problem unmentioned, except obliquely and in passing, is that learning is almost completely irrelevant in contemporary Amerika. 

Ah! The road to national failure.