Soggy Eyes

Seven day. The park was crowded, maybe a half-dozen, with loud noisy people yesterday (late drunks?) so I opted for an out-the-door walk this morning. Which meant I had to brave all the water wastrels on my street. Happily I refrained from any action other than avoiding their wasting. 

I am also almost two weeks into a five week stint of undergoing and recovering from cataract surgery. Both cuttings have now been effected and I am left with dealing with the aftermaths. Mostly, at this point, the pain and annoyance of physical restrictions and – especially – all the eye drops that I have to infuse every day. At last count, twenty-six per diem. And none of this drop in the corner stercus. Gotta be a non-contaminating droppage.

And dealing with an insurance company that has restored my trust in the aethticity and apathy of organizations. So major stress out over things that should never enter into the equation. 

Sometimes getting old is unpleasant. I envy those people who lead happy lives until they are ended by an act of nature or terrorism. Quickly, cleanly, little pain. 

Time for more drops. How do I gnaw my foot off?