Federal Failures

Five day. And everything has been a bit hectic this week. Which will have to stretch a bit yet before expounding. . So I will limit myself to article bashing this morning.

First, a lovely article [Link] entitled “I’m Warning You, Don’t Read this Article. It’s a Federal Crime!” This article is about how a Yankee government justicer has decided that accessing web pages and sharing passwords may be a Yankee government crime.

This is a wonderful ruling. In principle it means that no one can ever use the internet again. 

So much for the UN declaring that access to internet is a basic human right. (Of course, the Repulsians deny that the UN exists, much like global climate change and any form of science.)

The ramifications of this are rather intriguing. I have an ISP. And that ISP has allowed me to pick a password which implies that it permits me access to it’s part of the internet. But what about the rest of the internet. And who is culpable, myself or the ISP who falsely gave me permission to access the rest of the internet? 

I could ask the same of Gooey and Amazing, just as a couple of examples.

Sounds like a new form of fascist oppression, at least at first thought.

Second, an article [Link] entitled “How did classified information get into those Hillary Clinton emails?” which is an attempt by an academic – possibly a Hillary fanboi? – to weasel word HRC out of having committed felony.

It doesn’t matter if someone sends you a classified email. You are still responsible for safeguarding it properly. Not knowing what you are doing, which has been a LONG TIME characteristic of HRC first recognized by the IT community with her Firefox debacle, is no excuse. Mishandle classified and you get a trip to Kansas.

So when is this cover up, elitist, Stercus Tauri going to cease and HRC get a striped set of pajamas?