Seven Day. Park was crowded with youth this morning. Much babble. Distracting. No silence to permit cogitation. So walking done I raided the box at the Postal Orifice and returned home.

There to muse a bit on the news [Link] that homo neandertalensis were cannibal. At least in one incidence. The assumption of representation of the mode in individual samples is questionable but unavoidable.

We have known that earlier human species were cannibal. But it had seemed that with neandertalensis the practice had ceased.

In a primitive environment, there is no real reason not to be cannibal. It’s easy meat. No knowledge of the transmission of disease. We just find it nasty because we have been programmed to think so. There is argument the aversion is instinctual but the data are inconclusive.

One of the reasons we are averse to the idea is the moral burden of thinking we may have pushed our predecessors into extinction by eating them. Not fair, of course. Also a waste of good meat.