Stupid is the new Black?

Six Day. Got to motor for the first time since Thursday. Have been dependent on FD SCP to get me to surgery and post-op. First cutting done and have only to endure the regime prescribed. 

Reading difficult. The visual mode has reversed from good short vision and poor long vision to the opposite. So have one eye long, other short. And all sorts of unexplained restrictions that often run counter to almost three-and-a-half score of habit formation.

Amidst all that I note a strange thing. [Link] Apparently bogs are unable to tell the difference between fact and fiction. This shouldn’t be surprising. After all, look at all the crime of the delusion and illusion varieties. I knew that bogs were less than fully sentient and intelligent – at least, often – but not to this degree. But since the Brexit and Trump deification this seems apparent. There is some sort of backlash against those who are sentient and intelligent. As if they are what is ruining rather than enabling the delusional lifestyles of the boggerate.

Gee, reminds me of that Kornbluth story. Except it’s scary. When do the “witch” burnings begin?

I was rather taken by some of the article:

“There has been a lot of discussion recently about “post-truth” politics, alongside concern about swathes of the public turning against experts. A lot of this relates to people talking about economics – or spuriously adopting the trappings of expertise. When people say they hate experts they don’t necessary mean natural scientists who – unless there has been a massive shift in public attitudes recently – remain popular and trusted”

I find it a bit of galgenhumor about the economists. They all talk like nerds but act like barely geeks. Spouting maths that they don;t really understand about models whose limitations they are blind to. Or pretend to be. 

One more step on the path to extinction.