Confederate Calumny

Went to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill to have one of my eyes ripped open and a new lens installed. Novel experience. Film at Eleven when perspective stabilizes.

In the meantime I note all sorts of nonsense throughout the old Confederacy. For example, [Link] I see that a bunch of our “fine Southron” states are attempting to bar the Yankee government from enforcing its ruling opn who may use which latrine/entropy cellar. The argument is that our fair belles, of which we have none since the end of the War of Yankee Agression, but pretended ever since and hence a matter of the collective delusion of the wanna-be-privileged whack jobs class, the same folks who want to reinstitute slavery and reduce the womenfolk to chattel property status again, might be subjected to the sight of fake women in their facility.

This is the utmost of tripe and balderdash.

First of all, for those among the male populace of the old Confederacy who are ignorant, the ladies’ (another misnomer and piece of denialism – more later) room does not have urinals. All they have are stalls which have working doors – more so than the men’s – because of some strange affliction referred to as bashful bladder. Why women should ever have this is unfathomable, why men have it is obvious. Basic male insecurity over dimensions that are almost entirely meaningless except in terms of roineck bragging rights. Bottom Line: if a fake woman does use the women’s facility, who will know? Except maybe the denialists’ Powder Room Gestapo?

In addition, if the womenfolk are so prudish, why is it that for years they have been barging into the men’s latrine whenever the queue to the women’s gets too long? If they are not offended by this then why should they be offended by any pseudo-woman who invades their’s?

Could this really just have to do with male insecurity? Are the denialists really afraid of letting the womenfolk view their absence (perceived, of course) of length in the blue light of fluorescents?

Second, and horribly humorous. Rolling on the floor laughing humorous, that the faculty of the U of Texas have filed litigation to prevent students from bringing firearms to class.[Link]

What makes this humorous is that if there is a firearm delusional state, it is Texas. I have discussed the matter of firearms on campus previously and it remains. Personally I consider firearms, especially handguns, to be a bit ridiculous since while they do a good job of maiming and damaging, they do a poor job of killing. Their chief value is keeping the mentally immature and incapable of rational thought and of low intelligence from actually making weapons that are effective in killing. And when we admit these handicapped people to college – as we seem bent to do – they gain, at least potentially, access to that information. At least if we let them walk around with obvious ironmongery we can tell to steer them away from the courses with really dangerous information.

And on the use of the term “lady”. There are no ladies in the Yankee republic. Ladies are women of the aristocrat class, of hereditary preferrment and privilege. The primary source of tyranny. Amerika is, ostensibly, fictionally, a republic and hence has NO aristocracy. Using the term is an insult and a degredation to any woman, who should be armed so she can maim the boor for the insult.