Contemporary Disappointment

Two Day. Back to gym. Sparse. Lost day. At least the good clerk is returned, complaining greatly about having to return from holiday. Sadly, this is the contemporary state. No one seems happy nor content with their work.

On the opposite tack, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Scientists suggest a PC to solve complex problems tens of times faster than with massive supercomputers.” The title is a bit whacked. What these wonks in Russia found was that running their code on a GPU on their PC was orders of magnitude faster than running them on a supercompiter. 

Not surprising. Some of the game graphics rendering is a lot nastier than most simulations. And than well posed physics codes.

Nonetheless, such posing is an art form and I have known very few Amerikan STEMs – especially Computer Science types – who were very good at it. They kept wanting to either use library routines or what was in the rather inadequate textbooks on the subject. SO much of their ineptitude is not their fault, but that of their education. 

I should like to say that this is what comes of the overemphasis/dependence on GUI, but that is only part of it. Ultimately the key component missing is the time and effort to find (or develop) the best algorithms and write all the code for efficiency. 

One doesn’t do well trying to kill flies with ten pound sledges.