Lost Monday

One Day. And the anniversary of the public release of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress. After they had two days to get over the panic that British storm troopers or Gestapo would fall upon them with instruments of torture and pain.Organizations do not take kindly to people who try to usurp their stolen control.

So today is a holiday, which is just such an instrument of control. 

We dress it up in all sorts of noble diversions such as guilt and gluttony but it is still a matter of control. 

That I am not all that sure I like the way corporate organizations are flaunting such. I noticed last week that several businesses in Huntsville were open this day. This is worrisome as it indicates a competition between government and organized greed for money that I am not sure is to our betterment. Yes, both need to be controlled but this offers them both a way to harm the citizenry. 

Which they do with no compunction or remorse.

Perhaps even deliberate action?

Obviously a day for hiding.