Electronic Derrography?

Seven Day. A bit of wind, less stuffy than it has been in park. But not cooling. Very much.

The difference between winter and summer is which set of plumbing I have to worry about. In winter it’s the house’s, in summer it’s the motorcar’s. That’s because the anti-freezing component is easier – colligatively – than the anti-boiling component. 

Sp being the least day of week, I police up tabs.

First, an article [Link] that Apple has patented a technology to let organizations disconnect cellular telephone cameras. Seems there is some fascist notion about photons at entertainment events being copyright-able. Copyright a photon? Depth of stupidity. On both parts.

But I am happy with this because it seems to be a foot shoot on Apple’s part. They are already going out to Gooey and its Android cellular OS and this will drive even more people, those who waste effort on this sort of thing, to adopt Android cellular telephones.

On that note, another article [Link] on the whackedness of people who take photographs instead of taking experience. We humans have always distinguished – poorly and imprecisely – between leaders and followers. In Hunter-Gatherer bands this happened naturally and dynamically. By the time we artery hardened into nation-states the process had become almost completely static and formalized. Some aspects of it – entertainment evidently in particular – are a big less obvious but similar nonetheless. 

With the social clotting EXTRO behavior of GEN Ys these days, the futile attempts to become individual and leader have evidently become manic. Along with insecurity, they have come to manifest this sensory exclusionary behavior. I was rather taken by some quotes in the article that I further quote here:

“For them, taking photos and videos from Instagram and Snapchat is not a way to memorialize a night out. It’s the night’s main event.”

These folks are so interested in being leaders – largely in their own delusions only – that they have become inhuman automatons. Does this have some non-economic impact on why these young people are often incapable of commitment and marriage?;

“When we share photographs, we hope others will validate the facets of our identities that we embedded in those images. Knowing others can see the picture gives it more emotional power. Feedback from others makes it feel more real.”

This speaks directly to the degree of insecurity, much greater than has been presented in most previous generations. We have always been dependent on others to validate us and our behaviors but never before to this extent, easily an order-of-magnitude larger than my generation’s, and we were hippies and war babies.

“The mental functions that are losing the “survival of the busiest” brain cell battle are those that support calm, linear thought – the ones we use in traversing a lengthy narrative or an involved argument, the ones we draw on when we reflect on our experiences or contemplate an outward or inward phenomenon.”

This one I find engaging. The idea that this insecurity is so profound that it destroys reason. I thought it was just a particularly fascist manifestations of EXTRO Boggism. Perhaps it is truly pathological?

I remember a saying I read, I believe in a Bertram Chandler SF novel, “Alcohol (ethanol) is a good staff but a poor crutch.” Evidently technology is the same and the GEN Ys are seriously crippled and dependent?