Blind Eye

Four Day. End of gym for the week. Hopefully last day for a while with the mean clerk.

Podcast episodes of the UK Ubuntu Podcast. End of last season. Amazing. No useful information usually – and today no exception – but still exceptionally well done and diverting.

I was struck again driving home from gym how many Christianists are such rude, horrible drivers. And then I thought about and I realized that the majority of the population of the Old Confederacy are Christianists and thereby too many for them to not include such rude, horrible drivers in their number.

Evidently it’s a variant on the Genocide-from-the-Sky effect where because a military plane pilot is encased in a vehicle the people being bombed and strafed aren’t actual humans. So it seems to also be with some motorcar drivers. The pedestrians – and the other drivers – aren’t actual humans. So no harm in hurting, maiming, and killing them.

Even for religionists. The Deity, evidently, turns a blind eye to what is done from inside closed vehicles. At least for these people?