Stupidity Denied

Two Day. Sparser in gym. Same stand-in. Podcast the usual. The only intriguing bits was a segment on workplace friendships.

It was seriously flawed. The analysis was way off. It basically dealt with the aspects that workplace friendship can increase satisfaction and thereby productivity but the interactions of friendship made for more interruptions and less creativity.

Most workplaces do not value or encourage creativity.

What was missed was the effect of a dissolved friendship. It’s catastrophic. Almost as bad as a workplace romance that failed. And that’s a lot worse on everything since the folks in the workplace are almost forced to choose sides. So it’s not the positive side of workplace friendships that is important, it’s the negative.

And these schmucks missed it.

Speaking of which I saw a new weight bouncer, a slab schmuck. Never looked up from his slablet. A real slave of his eye friend.

On which azimuth, I note that the old men in robes have naysayed the Texican oppression of women’s rights to determine reproduction. Sadly, no politicians will be put in front of firing parties. And they will try again. The forces of evil do not die, they just slink away and plot more evil.

Manwhile there is much gnashing of teeth in Muntgum among the Christerrorists in the council of thieves. And throughout the state. It is also their evil that has been momentarily thwarted. I expect a couple of suicide bombings when the clinics reopen.