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Four Day! Last day of gym. For the week. Almost empty. Started a new “Linux Luddites” episode that was hideously dull, droning on about slablet OS. It’s bad enough to have to use them without having to suffer the dissection of their politics and whatever. Yes, I know the providers basically ignore updates and NEVER send them out, mostly to compel their customers to buy new slabs every year or so. So sic the environment gestapo on them, organ harvest the corporate officers and hope the new guys get the message?

Somehow I doubt.

Speaking of doubt, I ran across an article [Link] earlier in the week entitled “12,000 Years Ago, Humans and Climate Change Made a Deadly Team.” Seems that 12 KY ago, humans got to Patagonia and in concert with climate change, managed to destroy the ecology of the island.

Isn’t that what humans do?

Hunter-Gatherers move into an area, eat up all the foodstuffs, and move on to another. Cycle of life. Of course we can;t do that if we keep rutting like we have in the past. The Agricultural Revolution isn;t so much about invention as necessity. Only way we could keep overpopulating. 

So the corporations get it from the people?