Universal Condition

One Day. Back to gym where I discovered that while I downloaded podcast episodes on Six Day, I neglected to transfer to the MP3 player, or to charge it. So that’s added to my today list.

Again a sparse gym. One weight bouncer, the polite one, and a couple of unseniors but otherwise ORFs. The episode this morning was the second half of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” treatment of Frederick II. Not as good as the first half I fear to offer but passable. And an episode of squirrel stock since the CBC takes English holidays of several months’ duration when there are no programs nor downloads. One has to wonder how they maintain an audience? Their work isn’t that exceptional and I don’t know if they are like the BBC with government protection.

On which note, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “The psychopath in you” from the Guardian. As seems to distinguish British journalism from American, the title seems fairly accurate, that psychopathology is a continuum that encompasses all of humanity. The continuum seems to be rather arbitrarily/empirically broken into a spectrum by medicalists.

But the critical thing is we all have some degree of psychopath in us. So the old Amish saying I am fond of is accurate. Except for me since I am psychopath too, and not “unwierd.”

But then so are thee.

Nice thought to begin the week. 

It may also mean that some of us, at least, merit the name of the species since one has to be mad to be wise.