Public Notice

Hectic day. Had to motor to Guntersville for medicalist appointment. And run about on errands. So Latency.

First, acknowledgement that today is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the first edition of the Redstone Rocket which is the propaganda organ (like Pravda) of the Yankee Army in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the HIll. If you are looking for amusement go read the back issues from years ago unless you are the kind of person who finds social mores objectionable. 

Second, I want to address the cries for disarmament in the wake of the massacre at Orlando. It is possible using maths to show that:

  • Disarmament is probably impossible and the more complete it is, the more unstable and deadly it is;
  • The most stable solution is to arm everyone in the sense that the number of casualties per incident are minimized.
  • And NO, I am not espousing some Repulsian line. Just Simple Country Physics. This is just simple stuff that the BOGs don’t or won’t get.